Disable the beep on your Mr Coffee

Silencing your Mr Coffee FTX21 (or FTX25) for good

After 9 years, I finally had enough of the loud beeping coming from my Mr Coffee machine. Like most things, it started out small and built up until I couldn’t take it anymore. I often wish these things had a mute button.

During my research, all I was able to find were others complaining about the same problem. This was comforting, but didn’t solve the problem. The following link got me started on the solution I came up with: Disable the obnoxious beeping on a Mr. Coffee, Model JWX27


I thought it might be a clever idea to find the speaker and disable it. The coffee maker could continue going about its business and never make a noise again. I discovered the electronic components (circuit board) are sealed inside the machine. I guess that’s a good idea considering how much moisture it deals with on a daily basis. But it would not help me with my problem.

Working towards the solution

I did not give up. I brewed a few test-cups and listened to determine the location of the speaker inside the unit. My wife walked into the kitchen and saw me with my ear against the coffee maker, and didn’t even flinch. I guess she is used to this behavior by now.

So it’s come to this, MR BOND

After I determined the spot where the speaker was, I drilled a pencil-width hole into that spot. To my luck I discovered there was some space between the outer wall and the circuit board. This allowed me to drill a couple more holes (3 total) to get a better look.

I discovered a circular disc below where I drilled the holes – this was the speaker! While it was beeping, I poked it with a screwdriver and the sound fluctuated with my prodding.

To finish the job, I brewed another test pot and while it was beeping. I carefully pried the disc away from the circuit board until the machine fell silent. No more beeping! I feel both ecstatic and lame at the same time!

You can make out the plastic disc speaker below the surface


My only hope is that this inspires more people to take ownership of their electronics. Also, keep in mind that there are plenty of good coffee machines for sale at your local Goodwill.

I know this is kind of lame, but I think it’s a good example of having the courage to take ownership of our electronics. Drilling a hole to remove a speaker is a lot cheaper than buying a new coffee maker. Buying a new coffee maker so it won’t wake up your entire household is a waste.

Also, keep in mind that there are plenty of good coffee machines available at your local Goodwill. You will spend less money, produce less waste, and help a good cause at the same time.