VW Beetle

I bought a car that is older than I am – a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle.

I got it for a few reasons:

  • I always thought they looked cool
  • I thought it would be neat to own a car older than me
  • I wanted to learn about cars and how they work
  • I don’t drive much, I commute by bike most of the time, but sometimes I need a car

So I decided to sell my reliable car and switch to a not-so-reliable Beetle.

I got the car at a good price. It wasn’t my first choice for year or color. But the body had very little rust – something that is very hard for me to fix, and the price was right. This car was 1/4 the price of ones that have everything I desired. So I made some compromises.

Another benefit is that I can make changes to the car without hurting its value. The worst case scenario is that I am out a couple thousand dollars. The car’s shell is almost worth that amount.

There are a lot of articles, forums, videos, and TV shows that can help you research what to look for when buying a Beetle. If you are looking for some advice in that regard, this is it – you should trust those sources over me.

I plan to document the car here with a Bug category. I want to learn how to work on cars, and I want to explain what I learned here.

Stay tuned for an update. Spoiler alert! I had to have the car towed to a shop.

The first accessory I installed – a soccer ball antenna topper