Jason Jerome

Software Developer – Seattle, WA

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jason-jerome/3/b67/475
Website: www.jjerome.com

Experience Highlights

Senior Software Engineer​ ​ General UI,​ 8/2016 – 6/2019 (~3 years)

  • On a team of 2, produced a Chrome OS screen recording app that garnered 22,000 weekly users. It Includes an add-on Chrome extension, allowing users to draw using the touch screen while recording (Chrome OS, React, JavaScript, PNaCl, ffmpeg, OAuth, Google Youtube / Drive APIs)
  • Produced an Android app that downloads and displays SVG floor plans. It uses iBeacon locations to determine your position on the map (Kotlin, SVG rendering, custom views, Kotlin Coroutines, iBeacons)
  • Built a foot measuring app for Android for fitting bike pedals (Camera API, Custom Views, Geometry)
  • Created a Flutter app for a major mega-mall / amusement park. Integrated Flutter with passwordless authentication for both Android and iOS. (Flutter, Android, iOS, OAuth, Fastlane, Jenkins)
  • Created an Android app to display meeting information for Microsoft employees so they can organize ride shares to their meetings. I also assisted with the iOS project. (Kotlin, KOIN, Coroutines, LiveData, Google Maps API, Retrofit, Microsoft Authentication Library for Android (MSAL))
  • Created a prototype iOS app with Apple’s Push Notification service to test message throughput for a potential client. I used a Node app to send notifications to Apple’s server, then read the receipt on the device (Swift, Apple Push Notifications, Node, JavaScript)
  • Part of the team on the React-based website usaFacts.org (React, JavaScript, Jest, TDD)
  • Worked on React / JavaScript based touchscreeen kiosk for a client (React, JavaScript, Jest, Storybook)

Android Developer​ Deloitte Digital​, ​ 4/2016 – 7/2016 (~4 months)

  • Built a high quality visual marketing application for sales team in Android. We delivered the product 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

Android Developer ​ Mabon Services, ​ 2012 – Present
This is for work I’ve done as an Independent Android developer

  • An app to help determine your child’s developmental progress according to CDC developmental milestones
  • An app that estimates your wait times for items on hold at the Seattle Public Library
  • An app that tracks your tolls and fees on your WA State Good To Go! account
  • A fast note sending app that sends notes directly to your email

Android Developer​ Greeting Tones, ​ 1 month

  • Customized a PhoneGap / Cordova built app, adding Android-specific features

See my LinkedIn Profile for more experience.