Export data from Mint.com

Question: Do you use Mint.com?
Question: Do you wish you had more detailed reports?
Question: Are you handy with a spreadsheet?

I go through this every year when my tax adviser asks for a list of expenses for the previous year.

Follow these instructions:

Get the data out of Mint

  1. Log into Mint, go to Transactions
  2. Limit by whatever criteria you want, or choose “All Accounts”
  3. Scroll to bottom of page, choose “Export all xxx transactions”
  4. Save csv file to desktop

CSV stands for “Comma Separated Values”

Import the data into your spreadsheet:

  1. Open your spreadsheet program (LibreOffice Calc, MS Excel, Google Sheets)
  2. Choose to import data, which should open a wizard to help you with the import
  3. This is very import – make sure your import wizard formats your dates as actual Dates. If you skip this step it might import your dates as text, and sorting will not work well.

I usually have to export every single transaction from Mint. After I import I delete the rows I don’t want to get the date range I’m looking for.

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